Best drinks to have in Vietnam

Vietnam can be particularly hot in summer because Vietnam is a tropical country. This could create a huge barrier for westerners who are used to the cold as well as normal tourist’s endurance during the adventure. Luckily, a variety of drinks is sold everywhere around Vietnam, from street vendors to cafe’. They are delicious and surely will give you back the energy for the upcoming adventures in Vietnam.

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1 Coffee

Coffee filters through a phin atop a coffee cup via VietnamCoffee
Viet Nam is the world’s largest coffee producer of Robusta beans. Although Robusta beans are not as highly appreciated as Arabica beans, people around these parts know how to make the most of what they have. As a result, Vietnamese coffee is made with a special recipe and maintains its own unique taste. Coffee beans are roasted with butter and grounded well then reserved in airtight bags.

Vietnamese people would use a metal drip filter to brew coffees extract (a traditional method). In Viet Nam, the two most popular types of coffee are cà phê sữa đá (iced coffee with condensed milk) and cà phê đen đá (iced black coffee with no, or little, sugar).  You can’t walk down any block around the country hoping to not see someone enjoying a coffee while reading a newspaper or chatting with friends.

 2 Iced tea

Vietnamese Iced Tea via Beth Puliti 
Following feudalism under China’s rule, tea has gradually become a very popular drink in Viet Nam. In the early days, to match the North’s climate, tea was only served at a scalding hot temperature. Until it came to the South, a very hot region, people usually left their tea to cool before drinking.

Later, along with the advancement of science and technology, ice freezing equipment such as the refrigerator has been widely used. Consequently, instead of drinking “natural” cold tea, some people tried dropping ice cubes into the tea glass with the purpose of cooling off on hot days, which formed thetrà đá – “copyright” of Southern people in Vietnam, especially Saigon.

3 Fresh coconut water

Coconut water via Serious Eats

Fresh coconut water is a popular drink in Vietnam.

You won’t see the packaged stuff here, though: It is drunk straight out of the coconut—and this coconut water is grassier, sweeter, and more naturally flavored than anything you’ll find in a package. Coconuts are usually harvested when they are about seven weeks old —any earlier and the juice is gassy, any later and it tastes too salty. Generally, the smaller coconuts are sweeter than the larger ones.

4 Smoothies

Smoothies via Youtube
In Vietnam, smoothies are made from various kinds of fruit, especially the native fruits from tropical climates. Some deliciously popular flavors of smoothies are from avocados, dragon fruits, custard-apple, jackfruits, and many more. You’ll find smoothies ground with condensed milk or yogurt.

5 Sugarcane juice

Sugar Cane Juice via Weird Wonderful Vietnam

Although it has natural sickly sweetness, sugar cane juice is another drink that’s considered “cooling”. It’s usually sold by street vendors who use electric squashing machines, not unlike an old-fashioned wringer, to squeeze the juice from stalks of sugar cane. It’s usually then mixed with a tiny sour citrus fruit in order to enhance its taste.

The finished product has a crisp grassy flavor that’s very refreshing on a hot, sweltering day. Sugar cane vendors advertise their wares openly with a bucket of sugar cane stalks in front of their stall. They can also be identified by what looks like a ship’s wheel on the side of the stall, part of the electric wringer mechanism that juices the cane before your eyes.

Hope you have a wonderful time in Vietnam and do not forget to try out these drinks on a hot summer day.

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