The amazing “Banh My” of Vietnam


Banh My ( Vietnamese Baguette Sandwich) is one of the traditional food of Vietnam in general. Banh My appears everywhere in the country. In different region, Banh My is made differently ( mainly because of the differences in sauces and seasoning). It is also popular to foreign tourists as a lot of tourists seem to enjoy this food a lot. All in all, Banh My is surely gonna satisfy your hunger and also gives you unforgetable memories about one of the most symbolic dishes in Vietnam.

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Da Nang’s Banh My via Du lich Da Nang

Vietnamese baguette sandwiches, called Bánh Mì, have attracted a loyal fan base like never before. Like a musical band with rock star status, these sandwiches have an almost cult-like following of epicurean devotees. The uniqueness of these sandwiches not only lies within the French influenced baguette, but it’s also the flavor packed, savory Viet fillings that what makes the marriage of the two main ingredients a true love affair.

Vietnamese baguette is commonly made with rice and wheat flour, which makes for an airy crumb.  Light crispy baguette (not the chewy rustic kind) is essential for encasing without overshadowing the other ingredients, such as finely cut strips of carrot with just the perfect sugar-vinegar sweetish tang and fresh cucumber. The combination of filling and accompaniments should pop with layers of flavors ranging from salty, sweet, sour & spicy from the fresh jalepenos. The lingering numbness of the chilli and beautiful flavor of cilantro should remain long after you brush away the ‘unavoidable’ left over crumbs.

The classic version, bánh mì thịt nguội, sometimes known as bánh mì đặc biệt is made with a combination of nem nuong (BBQ pork), chả lụa, thit nguoi, and along with the pâté and vegetables. QT also offers bánh mì chay, a vegetarian option, such as lemongrass tofu or tofu sautéed with onions and mushrooms.

There is essentially one sandwich in Vietnamese cooking and it is quite a tour de force.  Treat yourself to a banh mi sandwich today!  We guarantee it will be love at first bite.


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Bread was first introduced to the Vietnamese in the late 18th century when Vietnam fell under French colonial rule. The first Bánh Mì was a French baguette with ham or pâté — the traditional, minimal Parisian sandwich. In 1954 French rule ended, and the Vietnamese people began to impose their own influence on Bánh Mì – with a special spread, cured hams, pickled vegetables, coriander (cilantro) and fresh chilies were added for flavor. What started as emulation produced a hybrid copy far superior to the original.

The world first got introduced to Bánh Mì with the influx of Vietnamese refugees in the late 1970’s and 80’s following the Vietnam War.  In the early 1980s, these sandwiches occupied the food craze spotlight in the Vietnamese-American community.  The Vietnamese refugees set up small bakeries producing Bánh Mì for their community but as time went on it started to become very popular outside these communities and today Bánh Mì is found all over the world, including places such as New York, California, London, New Orleans, Texas, Canada, Germany, France  Australia, and of course, Pennsylvania.

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