When is the best time to visit Lan Ha Bay?

Lan Ha Bay on the sunny day

Situated in the east of Cat Ba Island and in the south of Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay attracts a large number of tourists by the system of about 400 small and large islands and the sandy beaches with the wild beauty. If you are planning a Lan Ha bay trip, here is the best time to travel.

General information about Lan Ha Bay

Located between Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay is an arc-shaped bay with about 400 small and large islands in the different shapes. All Lan Ha Bay islands are covered with the green trees or the vegetations with the unique natural values. The limestone mountains of the islands also account for a large percentage on Lan Ha Bay. The beautiful limestone mountains on the surface of the sea water are divided into the small islets which have not yet been discovered. There are a lot of limestone mountains which has the familiar shapes such as a turtle, a bat, a clog. The local people here have named these mountains according to their shapes such as Doi islet, Guoc islet. Moreover, the stalactite caves of Halong Bay have also existed in Lan Ha Bay such as Do Cung Cave, Ham Rong Cave, Ca Cave. Furthermore, there are also the calm blue sea water areas such as Monkey Island, Sen island, Cu Island and the beautiful large beaches in the middle of the sea such as Tung Gau, Cat Dua, Ang Vem beach which make tourists feel like losing in the fairyland.

Lan Ha Bay

The weather of Lan Ha Bay

Located in North Vietnam, Lan Ha Bay has four distinct seasons. Spring starts from March to April, with the warm temperature which is the appropriate time for flower blossom. Summer usually lasts from May to early October. At this time, the temperature in Lan Ha Bay increases with the heavy rainfall. Autumn usually runs for two months later with the pleasant weather, has less rain. Finally, the winter is from November to until February, cold and dry. The average temperature is around 17 – 22 degree Celcius. The vacation from July to September will be difficult due to the hot Lan Ha Bay weather with heavy rains which cause a lot of fluctuations on the sea.

Best time to go to Lan Ha Bay

When is the best time to go to Lan Ha Bay? Because of the cool climate, visitors can enjoy Lan Ha Bay at any time of the year. However, Lan Ha Bay is an island area, so the ideal time to visit Lan Ha bay is in the summer. At this time, the weather of Lan Ha is quite hot, tourists will want to enjoy the cool space of this place and immerse in the sea. When coming here in summer, visitors can take part in many activities such as diving into the sea to watch the coral reef, kayaking to explore the bay. In particular, you should not be here in July to September because there will be heavy rains or storms which is not convenient for the trip.


May is the best time to travel to Lan Ha Bay. However, it is often difficult to forecast the weather. Rainfall will be more than and accompanied by high temperatures which cause the weather to become hot. The average temperature of about 29 degrees with the wet climate will make you uncomfortable. In return, the cool breezes on Lan Ha Bay will make you much more comfortable. At this month, you should bring your shorts, tank top or T-shirt. In particular, remember to bring your swimsuit because you will want to jump into the blue sea water at any time. Last but not least, the dress and the umbrella are what you need to pack into your suitcase. Tourist can take part in water activities on the sunny days.

Lan Ha Bay on the sunny day


In June, the weather brings the full characteristic of the summer with the high temperatures and heavy rain. For people who prefer hot sunshine with summer rain showers, this will be the Lan Ha Bay ideal time. With an average temperature of about 30 ° C, you should prepare your clothes for the summer with a raincoat.


When is the best time to go to Lan Ha Bay? The sky is clearer and the rainfall is reduced significantly in October. The heat of the summer also disappears and replaced by the pleasant, moderate of autumn. The temperature dropped to 26 degrees Celsius. Shorts, T-shirts, and swimwear are perfect for Lan Ha weather in this season. However, you may suddenly encounter a heavy rain, especially in early October. This is one of the Lan Ha Bay best time to travel. There is plenty of time for you to see Lan Ha Bay from the airplane or visit beautiful fairy caves. Besides, the temperature of sea water is also warm enough for you to participate in fun activities. No more rain or heat, the relaxation experience becomes much more enjoyable. Tourists can go hiking or biking around Lan Ha bay.

It is the fact that Lan Ha Bay with its beauty makes a strong impression on the feeling of many domestic and foreign tourists. Share the best time to travel Lan Ha Bay if it is useful to you. Have a nice trip!